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"Why Are Humans Different From All Other Apes? It’s the Cooking, Stupid". New York Times.

Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human is a book by Richard Wrangham.
The book argues that human ancestors learned to tame fire and cook food over a million years ago and this was important in our evolution. The cooking of food made digestion easier allowing the early cooks to evolve smaller guts and larger brains.

He also argues that fire would have been useful for fending off predators, allowing our ancestors to descend from the trees and switch to being evolved for running rather than climbing. The book claims that modern humans are highly evolved for eating cooked food and cannot live healthily for long on a strict raw food diet.
MahaTar sanoi…
BUT how this theory explains, some of us are allergic of carbohydrates??? Please, tell me and some others!

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